aka. Sheyenne Smith
Illustrator of 🦜 🌿 🦐 🌾 🐍

Commission Styles

Line Drawing
$45 USD
+ $30 USD per additional pose

Painted Character & Simple Background
$95 USD
+ $65 USD per additional character

Painted Character & Complex Background
$170 USD
+ $90 USD per additional

Terms of Service

  • Prices listed on this site are for private commissions; for commerical work, contact me!

  • Prices listed on this site are in USD; payment is up front, through paypal. If you live in Canada, mention this in your email and I can convert the amount to Canadian dollars to circumvent the conversion fee!

  • These are base prices- complex characters and scenes may change the price.

  • If I have a queue built up, I'll estimate a date I can get to you and add you to my queue!

  • The time to complete the piece will vary. I usually give an estimate of 2-3 weeks, but it may take up to 6 weeks depending on my workload and how complicated the commission is.

  • You can request to see WIPs (works in progress); I may send you the piece in progress if I need further direction. Revisions will be made within reason, major revisions like pose changes must be made in the sketch stage.

  • I only do SFW art (PDA and romance are okay); feel free to inquire about any subject you feel might be iffy and we can discuss if I'm comfortable taking the piece on! I have the right to turn down any request.

  • Things I enjoy drawing: animals, birds, furries (including the feathered and scaled variety), pet portraits, creatures, dinosaurs, clothing and different fashions, plants and fungi, nature scenes, and water!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What art program do you use?
I make my art on a iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 3rd Generation) and Apple Pencil (2nd Generation), using Procreate! I'll also sometimes make minor adjustments in GIMP.
What brushes do you use?
The current textured brush I'm really into using is the default procreate brush "Evolve" (it's under the "Drawing" section). I also like to use various brushes from MaxPacks, which I've found great for a traditional/textural touch!
Can I hire you to work on a project?
I would love to hear about your project and see how I might fit in. I've done artwork for albums and songs, video projects, games, and more! I'm also open to zines and collaborative work.
Can I use your art for a tattoo?
Previously I've declined this request, but I've recently given the go ahead to people to get tattoos of my work. I ask for the amount that I would charge for the artwork if it were to be commissioned, which we can discuss further via email !
Can I use your art for [any other reason]?
Contact me and we can discuss credit, possible compensation, and any other details! I've given permission to use my work for various things- one being SQUAWKoverflow, a bird collecting game with various artists contributing works!